Version 0.99-19  

Features of the JED Editor


  • Color syntax highlighting on color terminals, e.g., Linux console or a remote color terminal via dialup (as well as Xjed).
  • Folding support
  • Drop-down menus on _ALL_ terminals/platforms.
  • Emulation of Emacs, EDT, Wordstar, Borland, and Brief editors.
  • Extensible in the C-like S-Lang language making the editor completely customizable.
  • Capable of reading GNU info files from within JED's info browser
  • A variety of programming modes (with syntax highlighting) are available including C, C++, FORTRAN, TeX, HTML, SH, python, IDL, DCL, NROFF...
  • Edit TeX files with AUC-TeX style editing (BiBTeX support too).
  • Asynchronous subprocess support allowing one to compile from within the editor
  • Built-in support for the GPM mouse driver on Linux console.
  • Abbreviation mode and Dynamic abbreviation mode.
  • 8 bit clean with mute/dead key support.
  • Supported on most Unix, VMS, OS/2, MSDOS (386+), win9X/NT, QNX, and BeOS systems.
  • Rectangular cut/paste; regular expressions; incremental searches; search replace across multiple files; multiple windows; multiple buffers; shell modes; directory editor (dired); mail; rmail; ispell; and much, much more.

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